About Us

Hyde Home Inspections – InterNACHI Certified and Highly Experienced.


Hyde Home Inspections was started by a firefighter with a desire to help people during a stressful time in their lives. Buying a home is full of ups and downs and it can be trying. We want to take the experience of attention to detail and apply it to inspecting your home. Our goal is your goal, our job is you!

Experience speaks volumes. None of us want an inexperienced doctor to work on us – we want the most experienced doctor possible!

It is the same when it comes to a home inspection. I don’t “wonder” about defects and what the potential issues could be – I know about them. I have seen more scenarios, inspected more homes, and found more defects than most home inspectors ever will.

On top of this though, I believe in being well educated and certified. That is why I am also a full member of InterNACHI – See below for details.

Continuing Education Requirement for InterNACHI Members: 

  • Continuing Education is an integral aspect of InterNACHI’s mission to help inspectors maintain inspection excellence.
  • Continuing Education permits InterNACHI members to meet the requirements of new home inspection legislation.
  • Continuing Education helps ensure that each member recognizes changes within the home inspection industry.
  • Continuing Education improves our membership’s combined knowledge and helps make InterNACHI a strong association.

InterNACHI’s Continuing Education requirement for members is very straightforward. Twenty-four (24) hours of acceptable Continuing Education (CE) per year are required to maintain InterNACHI Membership.​

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